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PostSubject: CHECK IT DOPE MAN DIS FUNNY   February 19th 2010, 1:54 pm

i was at da shcool and dis mutha fuka tried to throw blood up in my face and pull out a red rag and i was like bitch get dat shit out my face and he pput it away and asked y and i was like mutha fuka u throwin dat shit up to a mutha fuka who reppin folk im blue flaggin wat u talkin bout he was like oh my bad man ..so later on we at breakfeast and he has a blue ipod nano and he wants to record me wit it and say fine DJ dont say hi to da camera and i was like bitch dont record me ill take dat shit and break it right now i aient playin and he turned it off right away and i seen him upstairs like 5-10 min later and someone snatched it from him and handed it off to me and i kept dat shit he wanted it back i was like i aient got dat shit and i handed it off to my boy jesus and he had it and dude neva got it back now i gots me a ipod nano wit a camera on it its sweet im bouts to beat his ass to fo throwin blood in my face
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The Dope Man

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PostSubject: Re: CHECK IT DOPE MAN DIS FUNNY   February 19th 2010, 4:23 pm

haha aweready mang
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