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PostSubject: BATTLE RAPS   February 14th 2010, 4:39 pm

love it dats sweet DOPE MAN i see u... but let me do my thing real quick... check it u know im first man on da block glock clocked first man on da clock top dropped errone know ya man i got guap i keep a couuple of yaghts top notch comin to yo city and im already hot cops comin around da block so i start dippin on da spot but i get shot but no im not goin to stop im not goin to drop imma pull my gat out and make it go pop bust it at da cop watch his ass drop cuz imma boss at hip hop underground rapper ceases to flip flop and twist like a bottle top or a bottle cap see how i switch up my raps well imma tell u haters how it is comin from dat back while i snap and u smoke dat crack eat some snacks and take a nap cuz u tend to lack da skills of rap err one knows dats a fact so next time u betta think B4 u relapse and i relax and hit it on da track cuz imma mutha fuka who masterminds all da damn time haters wanna hate on me but dont wanna hate when i grab da nine well to late bud imma pull da trigga and laugh like errthings fine see i flow in a straight line cuz shit im one of a kind i sware errthing i say comes from my mind i dont copywrite shit and its still a mutha fukin dime do u like dis rhyme u betta or else ull be erased from time ha ha ha shiitt AGG im crazy no wait im insane me and u will make all dese haters walk wit a cain run right though em as if we was a train ,hate on dem silly rabbits while we throw down da cain and shoot em in da brain i flow so hard ud sware this was lil wayne but no u already know my name DMIX DOPE MANS numba one mane.. whos puttin all dese haters to shame so get on my level haters oh wait u cant u aient a mutha fukin plane ...im spittin dis hard but yet i aient got no fame supprised poperazi aient tryin to put me in a frame but yet yo girl tryin to put me in a frame u know y cuz she said u a hater and haters are lame.... and just to think im 17 white and new at dis rap game ha ha ha and im puttin all u haters to shame ..... lol lamo
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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE RAPS   March 24th 2010, 5:23 pm

ha ha ha dats sweet DMIX its me Jessica
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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE RAPS   August 18th 2010, 2:52 pm

Ya you right im not an airplane, Im a spaceship,
Out of this world takin a trip, trippin on that space spliff,
Act a fool, come back to to earth with a space bitch,
I mess around but dont get twisted and start thinkin im the one to fuck with,
Yall way behind, give up there is no hope ,
You dudes tryin to get a glimpse of me with some high powered telescopes,
Ill leave yall in the dust like "Where the fuck did that dude just go",
Then when you least expect it we grab rounds and let em bust like Alamo,
Me im an animal, eat rappers like a cannibal,
Leave where you stand lookin like a horror flick call me Hannibal,
Im the newest member here on Dope Spot Music ,
And imma let yall know now im the future of this rap shit ,
Lay out a verse and watch the whole forum buzz,
Then let it spread all over the internet like a brand new Hollywood sex tape does,
You cant beat me in war im a street raised soilder,
You all the latest victims of the Southern Takeover,
Its Over....
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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE RAPS   

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